Get Over It Mitt

I'm too tired and annoyed to be polite and no one reads this anyway, so I'm just gonna say it
 Mitt Romney please SHUT THE FUCK UP.
 You are a sore loser.

If you cannot support the winner of this election, then you clearly did not deserve to win it yourself.
Please stop making dumb ass racially motivated excuses and start acting like an American you spoiled trust funded pathetic crybaby.
Clearly you are NOT presidential and that is why you lost.

Your constant whining is an incredible disservice to this country.
Your behavior is embarrassing to America and it is tantamount to treason.
If you cannot get on board and help America to move forward, then would you please shut the fuck up and get off the stage.

Facebook FAIL

Sorry, no bubble this time...

Along comes the Facebook IPO - one of the biggest offerings in history (If not THE biggest), and am I included in this offering? - No

The Initial offer goes to the big investing brokers who, in turn, jump on the hype band wagon with the hopes that the stock's value will skyrocket before they turn around and make it available to the general public (at a huge profit...)

So Facebook, Zuckerburg and the big investment brokers romanced each other, jumped in bed and with high hopes they prepared to rape & pillage their way to an immense fortune, based on their assumption that the stock would be highly sought after by the average investor. It wasn't.

So now the likes of S&P are crying "foul" because the stock did not instantly double, triple or even gain in value, "cheating" them out the of the billions of dollars they had hoped to make in profits while unloading the stock upon the likes of the rest of us.

Shame on them. Shame on anyone that feels sorry for them.

I do not.

Investing is a RISK, not a given, and the value of a stock is speculative.

Blinded by their own greed, they acted stupidly.

That's just one of the dangers of believing your own hype...