Sarah's horror show

I saw you on Hannity...

Let us get it straight right now
I am not accusing you of setting the gunman in AZ off
I am accusing you of bad taste
I am denouncing your offensive, violent, "Hate Rhetoric" which has not stopped, and you will not apologize for

You claim there is no violent intent to your military style tactics,
Yet while you used the inflammatory terms and graphics, you simultaneously placed the crosshairs of your rifle over a caribou's heart and executed it in cold blood on National television.

You implied violence, and then committed a violent act, with a smug defiant look on your face the whole while.

And now on Hannity
You admonish the left and claim the finger pointing has to stop. and then you label the gunman as a liberal in almost the same breath.

Hypocritical bitch

You went on to say that if not for the liberal's double standards, they would have no standards at all...

The delightful look on your face as you said this says it all
You think you are clever!

Oh My GOD!!!!

Believe me Sarah
You are not

Trust me
I have standards

Why do you think I find you so offensive?

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Deedee said...

Thanks for saying what the rest of the sane world is thinking- this woman is a half-wit.