Turn Her OFF - Please!

Simply put:
Sara Palin will NOT shut up until YOU shut her up
Please do not buy her books, watch her shows, or take an interest in her unfortunate, irrelevant children.

Engage instead, her hypocritical, inane arguments, and policies, with rational intelligent debate.

For instance
Governor Palin was in favor of, and implemented laws to encourage, the systematic hunting, slaughtering and eradication of Alaskan wildlife, such as Grizzly Bear and Wolves.

TV host Palin would like you to travel to Alaska and participate in "Bear watches", and "Wolf watches" while you appreciate the wonderful wildlife of the Alaskan wilderness.

Just which animals are we supposed to watch?
The ones being hunted to extinction by public policy in the wild, or the carcases of the poisened, slaughtered, and mutillated animals, taken for bounty...