About that Islamic Center...

Why would Americans abandon the Bill of Rights and the founding sentiments of this nation?
After much agonizing thought, I begin to see the rational of those opposed.
It comes down to this:
If we prevent the building of this cultural center, the terrorists and sleeper cells alike will have NO PLACE to plot against us – thus America will be safe forever
Also there is the added plus of showing them WHO IS BOSS, thus eliminating any cultural friction or hard feelings.

If this sounds silly to you, please take a moment to reflect.
The opposition’s paranoia is amusing at one level.
But at the base level it is frightening, disgusting, nauseating…

These people have been waiting for an issue like this to provide a cloak for their unfettered bigotry.
They want to escalate the issue and bring some kind of holy war to the streets of my beloved melting pot, NYC.

And for WHAT?
So we can reenact the ridiculous savage nonsense that is playing itself out in Jerusalem and other “sacred” places in the middle east?

This is not only stupid, it is decidedly UN American.

Let us demonstrate to the world why they should still respect our love of freedom and our sense of Democracy.
Let us show tolerance, and respect, to our fellow New Yorkers.
Let us trade paranoia for trust
Let us invest in our future, our health and our safety
Let us reach out to the part of the Islamic world that denounces terrorism
Let us remember what it is the pilgrims came here for, and what our soldiers have fought and died for.
Let us not destroy the American Ideal with fear and hate
Let us remember what it says in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights