They LIED to you on EARTH DAY

Both Obama &McCain had reservations over offshore drilling during the early campaign. Both supported restrictions on the activity
But then Sara Palin swiveled her hips, winked at the camera and chanted "drill baby drill!" and Americans, who have a strange quasi sexual obsession over this woman, lined up behind her. (Figuratively)
It's not exactly clear whether they wanted to drill for oil or have hard sex with the vice presidential candidate.
But both Obama and McCain saw the color of the ink and both flip flopped on the issue

And now we have it
Both candidates fears come true
An oil platform has exploded in the Gulf
Men are dead more are missing, presumed dead.
Oil can now be clearly seen, leaking from the well- while the well owners and the industry spent millions of dollars, not to clean up the mess, but to deal with the PR disaster
And to patiently, patently lie to us about the leakage...

The COAST GUARD discovers the leak - not the EXPERT oilmen who own operate and lease the well & the rig

Not the people who ask me to trust them and bend my politics to service their need to make big profits
Not the people who Had to know the well was leaking and lied to me about it only yesterday

Earth Day


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