Who is where - on health care?

I'm not up to giving my take on the current state of health care in the US

I will however ask you to watch this commentary by Keith Oblerman last night

What ever alse you might think - this guy has guts...


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Mariana Soffer said...

This was written some weeks ago:
> As I write this the news is dominated by the death of Michael Jackson

> that seems more important then the dramatic world events and political

> decisions evolving moment by moment as major energy and health care

> policies are being decided that will effect everyone, as wars withou

> t

> end on multiple fronts are being waged
with many still dying, as

> turmoil progresses in various hotbed cultures across the planet. Now

> those critical issues take backstage coverage as we see scenes from

> "Thriller" over and over. It is a repetitive cycle lulling us into

> complacency...changing our views, manipulating belief...all a part of

> the current repetitive shift