The King of Nothing

As Mariana Soffer pointed out in her comments on the previous post, the news media was paralyzed for weeks in the wake of the death of a pop star.

I for one was happy to ignore this story, and so I was not subject to the endless images and clips of his song and dance antics.

I apologize to those who will take offense at my indifferent attitude
But the death of Michael Jackson seems a trivial non-event to me in the shadow of the death of my own father, and the subsequent passing of my beloved dog.

They said he could dance...
And of course they were right

Michael was a great entertainer and he could sing and dance better than most
But to me his message of inter racial equality was over shadowed by his overwhelmingly desperate attempt to change color himself.
(It's ok to be black, but not for me, so I'm bleaching my skin...)

Add to this the fact that the man admitted that he thought it was perfectly OK to lure young boys into his bed, as long as there was nothing tawdry going on....

It still gives me the chills to think about it
Still makes me sick that anyone would still idolize the man after that

The man was a super star
He was the King of Pop

So What?

Pop is the mainstream entertainment gruel that the industry cooks up special for the lowest common market denominator.
Without meaning, without substance, without impact.
This is something to be proud to be the king of?

One might as well aspire to be the King of Walmart or vanilla ice cream...

We are poised at the moment of irrevocable change
Our future as a society perhaps even as a species, depends on the decisions we make today.

So give MJ his fifteen minutes and move on - PLEASE

The 24/7 media attention that was given to this event was not merely despicable, it was criminally irresponsible.

Who is where - on health care?

I'm not up to giving my take on the current state of health care in the US

I will however ask you to watch this commentary by Keith Oblerman last night

What ever alse you might think - this guy has guts...


EMF's - WTF?

This is for Deedee in response to her post on Electro Magnetic Fields

I don't have anything to offer on the paranormal effects of EMF's so I'm just going to stick to the science I know.

I have seen allot of data, and read more than a few studies on this subject, along with a lifetime of scientific insight and experience.

Unfortunately (in my humble opinion) almost all of these studies are flawed in some way, as this is a difficult phenomenon to examine objectively.

I wont go into all the details, instead I will try to paint a bigger picture...

Out of thousands of studies over decades, only a few have found any correlation between power lines and illnesses such as TB and lymphoma (or illness of any kind).

Now I am in fact - not a supporter of or a detractor of, the anti EMF movement
But as a scientist, I have to accept the facts.

My problem with many of these studies is that they arose with an agenda, and I find myself having to question their objectivity. (people see what they want to see)

I have found that truly objective studies have all encountered the same difficulty.
A difficulty that was surprising to some, but was expected by me

This is a very difficult phenomenon to isolate and measure with any sort of accuracy, as there are so many complicating variables to take into account, and I myself believe that we have not yet discovered what the bulk of these variables might be. (diet, water quality, air quality, work environment, radioactivity, ultraviolet light, ULF's, RF's, microwaves, allergies, insects, ecosystems etc etc etc...)

There is no way to study the effects of EMF's on a community with complete accuracy or certainty, because there is no way to remove the community to something like laboratory conditions, there is no way to eliminate the variables, there is no "control group"

The real issue here - and the real danger - is one of understanding
EMF's don't have to be so misunderstood.
You don't need not go back to college

The truth is we are ALL exposed to EMF's
ALL of the time
It is simply a matter of intensity
Intensity is determined by current
But the biggest factor - is PROXIMITY

EMF's are generated by electricity flowing through wires and electronic devices (among other things)
That means they are in your home, your car etc...
(yep even in your electric blanket)

These fields dissipate quickly over distance.
Someone standing directly under the power lines would be subjected to a rather strong field of energy
But someone standing 100 yards away would experience a very weak field.

Think about that the next time you hold you cell phone up to your head...

Which brings me to my most important point (to me anyways)

EMF's likely do play a roll in causing illness, but it is also likely that they do not do so acting alone.

Since the early part of the last century we have been subjecting ourselves to an increasing amount of intrusive energies.

Aside from the normal background radiation, and the occasional gamma ray or neutrino from space, we have added

Radio & Television waves
Electro magnetic fields
Radioactive particles
Ultra low frequency sounds
Ultra high frequency sounds
Cell phone transmissions
Among other things

All of these energies pass right through your home
Your body
Your brain...
And in ever increasing amounts.

It would seem highly unlikely that this would not have an effect on your health

To single out high tension power lines as a culprit seems to me to be very short sighted and irresponsible.

This is like the advertising campaign going on in my country to alert me to the dangers of second hand smoke, as the air outside my window is slowly being turned to poison.
Second hand smoke is not healthy - I'm sure.

But compared to the effects of strip mining & burning coal for electricity
Compared to industrial air pollution
Compared to what comes out of the tailpipes of the millions of cars on the road
It seems to be a bit trivial...

Because you can