For Lydia at Writerquake

During World War I conductor / composer Eugene Goossens asked British composers for a fanfare to begin each of his orchestral concerts.

This proved to be so successful that he thought to reintroduce the idea in during World War II for the 1942, 43 Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra season, this time using American composers.

He wrote to several American composers including Aaron Copland., suggesting titles such as Fanfare for Soldiers, or sailors or airmen.

Copland considered several titles for his contribution; including Fanfare for a Solemn Ceremony and Fanfare for Four Freedoms.

Much to Goossens' surprise however, Copland titled the piece Fanfare for the Common Man.

Goossens had asked for music that would provide a “stirring contribution to the war effort”
He was not prepared for the strength, power, and awe-inspiring majesty he was about to experience.

Upon listening to the piece he wrote back to Copland
"Its title is as original as its music, and I think it is so telling that it deserves a special occasion for its performance.”

The piece was given a showcase performance –March 12, 1943 at income tax time.

Eighteen fanfares were written at Goossens' behest, and were performed at the opening of each concert given by the CSO.

Fanfare for the Common Man is the only one which remains in the standard repertoire.

As you listen, remember that Aaron Copland wrote this magnificent fanfare
Not for the president – or any world leader
Not for any nobles or royals
Not for any Kings or Queens
Not even for the soldiers…
But for you

For all of us


Echo said...

I had not heard this, thank you.

distracted by shiny objects said...

I love Mr Copeland, and good for you, CSO!
And thank you for your comments on Writerquake. 1968 was the year hope gotten beaten to a pulp, but survived. As I'm older now and understand the politics of dissent better I know the routines for shutting up people's minds and thoughts. I see now that those young men were summarily dismissed and vilified so that they would not be heard. But they were, and they still are, and remain an image of steadfast courage to me.
Dissent Is Not A Crime.

Lydia said...

I love this blog and never knew it existed until just now! I'm so touched that you sent Fanfare for the Common Man out to me. The first time I heard this I felt as if I'd fallen into the Earth and come out the other side soaring into the sky. It still affects me that way. gracias, danka, etc.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the theme they'd play when introducing Aragorn as the new king of whatever place the Hobbits live at.

The common man knows the true struggle, and is victorious everyday that he lives. So the theme is quite fitting. Copland's originality is appreciated.

Shubhajit said...

wow! thats a nice piece of information..thanks for sharing

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