Time to come clean

In light of recent events here in NYS I have been spending some much needed time reflecting on my own personal record in solemn introspection
I’m sure we have all done things in the past that we regret and are perhaps morally questionable.
Who among us is above reproach or can honestly say that they have never broken a law or told a lie?

In that spirit it is also safe to assume that we go on living our daily lives, and that further infractions of societies mandates and common sense will continue to occur

And so at this time I must step forward and come clean regarding my own actions.
First off, may my family and friends forgive me for anything reprehensible they might find about this announcement
I mean them no harm and proceed with cautious trepidation, and hopefully they and the good people of New York will forgive me for what I am about to say
In light of these things I will just go ahead and come clean about my intentions.

And so with deep regret for any embarrassment this will cause those who know and love me,
I regretfully hereby announce my candidacy for Governor of New York

May the lord have mercy upon my soul

Thank you – and please donate heavily.

Bobbb Citizen of NY