Score Some Points...

Last night I was watching the news and they did a story on the new “Grand Theft Auto” video game release.
The commentator was expressing outrage at the excessive violence and immoral attitude of the game-play

He asked “Where else can you score points for murdering prostitutes, assaulting citizens, killing police, etc…”

Since the media chooses to focus on things like Brittney Spears and video games rather than the reality of war I feel compelled to answer this rhetorical question

I Don’t know about “points” but if you want to get credit and gain the admiration of your peers for raping and killing, for destroying families and property, and for displaying total disrespect for the laws of this country, or any other, Consider working for a mercenary team such as “Blackwater” and joining them in Iraq.

“Points” aside – the average pay = $1,200.00 / week – plus all the contraband you can carry after you plunder the property and corpses of your victims

Grand Theft Auto? – It’s only a game

Join the contracted militia if you wanna do these things for real – you will not be subject to Iraqi law or American law – so knock yourself out

The media won’t notice your crimes – and if they are pointed out to them they won’t even care.
Just don’t paint anything with pigments containing lead, propose to a celebrity, or get caught using steroids if you want to stay out of the limelight

Remember it is only immoral to pretend to rape, kill, and plunder –
In Iraq, its pure patriotism

Back for more? Possibly...

Ok so I took a year off - sue me

Sex, drugs and ROCK N" ROLL baby! -

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I toyed around with moving out west - and took some time to track down one anonymous blog commenting jerk

Turned out to be the illegitimate daughter of David Eisenhower...

But she won't be troubling this blog any longer

So if I can find the time - I will post the goods again

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