The Moral Crisis

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.

June 11, 1963

The National Guard had to be called out simply to ensure that two qualified and accepted black students were able to be admitted to the University of Alabama. The Govenor of the state, protected by state police, stood in the doorway and blocked them from entering the administration building.

The presence of armed troops eventually won the day and the students were admitted. The President felt so strongly about this incident that he interrupted all telivision and radio broadcasts across the nation that evening in order to bring this message to the people.

We face, therefore, a moral crisis as a country and as a people. It cannot be met by repressive police action. It cannot be left to increased demonstrations in the streets. It cannot be quieted by token moves or talk. It is time to act in the Congress, in your State and local legislative body and, above all, in all of our daily lives.

I have no doubts that they killed him for this
Progress has been slow and the hearts of the people are difficult to turn
It is easier to hate than it is to understand that in doing so you are denegrating not only the country and what it stands for - but your very self as well.

How are we going to impliment these ideals in Iraq when we cannot fully integrate them into our own culture over the last 40 years?

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