No Noose Is Good Noose

Someone here at work has cut out the front page of last Sundays New York Post and hung it over their desk
The headline – in the largest type possible declares:

There is a full page picture of Saddam Hussein (and not a complimentary one) a little photo shop magic has a placed noose around his neck.

Apparently I am supposed to be happy about a society committing murder in the name of justice.
I am not.
It sickens me.

Although I am not a practicing Christian, I still believe that were he here today, Jesus would condemn such an act. For he was a man of compassion who understood that it is not about the acts committed by the criminal that should be our first concern, it is our own actions in dispensing justice we need to think about.
I was happy to see that the Vatican agrees with me.
My "born again" friends do not – they want blood, they are drooling, they cannot wait for the execution.

I doubt very much that Jesus would pull out his bible and search for an appropriate "eye for an eye" passage to justify the act of murder. He would not have quoted scripture; he would have spoken from his heart.

Once again, we see the pitfalls of writing things down and forgetting the ideals, the context from which they originate. Again, thank you Tao for pointing that out to me.
Spirituality comes from the heart, not from a book, or so I now believe.

How can we murder someone, after condemning him for murder?