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Oliver Sells Out

Oliver Stone has made a new movie – one which promises to make Hollywood rich
"World Trade Center" is drawing huge crowds to the box office and is getting critical acclaim.
Only New Yorkers seem to be shying away from this film.
I love New Yorkers.

Why would I not want to run out to see this movie?
I already know that in the face of the tragic events of 9/11 Americans showed themselves to be strong, united and most of all, human.
So why do I hesitate?

In 2003 I would have welcomed this film – maybe even in 2004, but not now.
I am hearing just how great this movie is, the patriotism, the unity, the nationalism and the portrayal of American courage.
And I guess that’s it. I am sick of the patriotism, the flag waving unity, the mindless self righteous nationalism.
No it’s not the events of that tragedy that put me off, I am not afraid to relive that horrible day.
My problem is with the events that have followed that day.
My problem is with where all that wonderful patriotism and national unity have taken us.

Vengeance for 9/11 and the attempt to bring those responsible to justice have taken us to Iraq
The so called “War on terror” has brought us to a place that had nothing to do with 9/11 to wage a war that had no legitimate purpose
Meanwhile the perpetrator of the attack on America still runs free.

Estimates show around 40,000 Iraqi civilians have died –estimates because our armed forces are not keeping track of the dead.
3,200 dead here at home – 40,000 Iraqi civilians…

But the thing that really got me down today was that the story about Oliver’s new movie appeared on the same page of my paper as a story about American soldiers raping and killing an Iraqi child – along with murdering her whole family, including a five year old.

I know I know… Innocent until proven guilty – right? – Good thing they weren’t sent to Gitmo
But just reading their own sworn statements was enough to make me sick.

America suffered that day in 2001 but why bring that suffering home to a 14 year old girl and her family in Iraq?
All that Nationalism, patriotism, unity and courage – for what – for this? – So our soldiers can commit crimes like these while a world doesn’t care?

Sorry Oliver Stone…
I am ashamed this day – not proud – to be an American L

The blood Bush has laid on my hands has been bad enough.
But this time I don’t know. There is more than just blood now – there are the tears, the grief and the anguish of a young girl raped and murdered, staining my heart.
Her pain is my pain – and thought of her horrible screams will haunt me – though I never heard them – they are there reverberating in the national subconscious.

We came to liberate these people from a brutal dictator. I wonder if they feel they are any better off. – I can think of two children at least who don’t.

Four American soldiers are claiming they are the victims of “combat stress”
Soldiers that should have never been there in the first place.