The Time Has Come... Pt 2

All roads lead us home…

A few months ago I wrote to most of you after making a startling connection in my mind about environmental issues in relation to humanitarian issues.
This idea was spurred by the question presented to me as to who would be the better choice for speaker at the annual NYS Farm Workers Assoc Gala.
The choices were Robert Kennedy Jr. and Elliott Spitzer.
Kennedy – defender of human rights Vs. Spitzer – defender of the environment…

I thought long and hard about these two men – and the message each would bring – I never really came to a conclusion as to who would be the better speaker
I did however make a connection between these two issues. It occurred to me then – and I will reiterate now, that there is no difference between the two:

“We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike"

I my previous letter I also stated that:

“There is no more important calling than this – NONE –
Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment”

I had no idea at that time that this film was in production.

Having now seen it – I will stand by those words and I am hoping with all my heart that you will as well.
I love you all – just as I love this planet we inhabit and I am asking you all to see this movie and keep an open mind.
It is not a movie about Al Gore – Al is simply the messenger, and the message he delivers is one that we all need to hear.

Regardless of my opinion of the man in the past – I will now stand by my words above – and offer my undying gratitude and support
I feel that strongly – If you live on this planet – you need to hear this message.

This is not a political issue – it is no longer merely an environmental issue –
This is a moral issue –
JFK once addressed the nation on the issue of the inequality and disparity caused by segregation in our schools and our society; in his speech he stated:

“We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.”

I call upon these words once again in the hopes that they will wake up a few more sleeping souls and divert them from the paths of despair or denial and move them to paths of awareness and action.

There will be much controversy over this film I am sure – I have already begun to see arguments against it – some politically motivated – some coming from organizations supporting the takeover of governmental functions by the private sector.

To me these arguments are as empty and as hollow as the words of a mass murderer who, when confronted with a list of his offenses including over sixty horrendous homicides, defends himself by saying
“I only hit that last guy once – he must have died of a heart attack.” .

I will leave you to form your own opinions – but as I said a few weeks ago:

“I myself have known this to be a very distinct possibility – since 1976
Since then the number of believers within the scientific community has gone from a handful – to an overwhelming majority
The only fact still being debated with any credibility – is the timescale”.

So– ten years – one hundred years – what is the difference? Perhaps the point of no return has passed – but perhaps it has not.

We know that the issue is real – to know such and not act on it is IMMORAL in every sense.
To continue to hide behind a media smokescreen of confusion and doubt is CRIMINAL in every sense.

We are born – we live and then we die – some two thousand generations lie behind us since we left our ancestral home on the plains of Africa.

In that time we have populated the planet. We have gone to the moon, to the bottom of the ocean. We have mapped our chromosomes, peered back to the very edge of time, and pondered the molecule, the atom and the quark.

How many generations will now follow after us? What will be their destiny?
If you have children, want children or even just know and love a child, please consider this question.
What will be our legacy?

“One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were”

Is this how we want to be remembered? As the generation who discovered the truth about our own impact upon this planet – yet refused to acknowledge it, or act upon it?

I was surprised by this movie- not by the evidence – but by the parallels between the life of Al Gore and my own…
If indeed you do not trust the man – being a politician – then I ask you to please trust me on this one.

For I have followed the same path of enlightenment and understanding of these issues –
NONE of the scientific data presented in this film was new to me.
I learned about atmospheric measurements of CO2 being done in the Pacific as a child
I followed along as the Global Oceanic Seafloor Core Sampling project was going on – I own a published copy of the results.
I learned about the significance of Arctic and Antarctic Ice core sampling. – Polar Icecap thickness data from the Navy and from Jacque Cousteau…

I have seen the studies on ozone depletion – as well as on movement of Antarctic ice flows.
I have studied oceanic biodiversity and change, climatology, learned about the decimation of the coral reefs around the world. The impact of harvesting the rainforest, slash and burn agriculture…

I have studied the broadening of the Sahara – the impact OF the people there; the impact ON the people there.
The list goes on – and on – I have devoted forty years of my life to learning about this issue. Most of these studies did not set out to prove anything about global warming – many had nothing to do with global warming at all…

There is no campaign to fool the world’s people – There has been no intent to make an issue out of something that is not sustainable – or provable.

We have been slow in many ways, to put the pieces of evidence into context, but that era has passed. The evidence has now lead us, as has been so appropriately stated, to an inconvenient truth.

My Philosophy has been shaped by people like Aldo Leopold – father of the modern conservation movement – whose ideas were met with skepticism and denial in 1948. Those same ideas are accepted today to be unshakably rock solid, profound and extremely insightful. Today these same ideas are UNIVERSALLY accepted world wide as the truth.

Carl Sagan…
I was already following this path of enlightenment when Carl Sagan came along and spoke of “Spaceship Earth” in the early seventies.
At that time I thought that this message was so fundamental and so easy to understand that surely the whole world would begin to embrace the idea of being environmentally responsible. I thought wrong.

Carl Sagan is gone – but his dream is still alive
Now we are being offered a second chance to wake up and embrace a philosophy of environmental sustainability.
I ask you now to please get on board – not for my sake – but for your own – for all of our sakes.
Please join me

As usual – I will quote a song:

Come mothers and fathersThroughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road isRapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

“The Times They Are A Changing” Bob Dylan – 1964

All roads lead us home…
Please do what you can to protect that home – for today and for tomorrow
For we have no other place to go

Thanks once more to all of you who managed to read this all the way through
My heart goes with you
Citizen of Earth

I speak Earth Talk

For those who did not get this – or have forgotten – here is my original rant – from earlier this year

Big Picture time – Human rights = Environmental issues

It is as fundamental as this – in the simplest and most basic of terms.

The rights to eat, drink, breathe without being poisoned
The right to expect your grandchildren will be able to do the same…
I say to you now – that there is no difference between hate crimes – and environmental crimes
Ignorance, arrogance and greed give spawn to them both
Respect for people includes respecting the places they live – i.e.: Mother Earth home to us ALL

To give birth to freedom, democracy, etc while allowing arsenic and lead to slowly kill your people
To celebrate liberty while the icecaps melt and drown our coastlines and the ozone layer fades away
To pretend to give democracy to oppressed countries while mass consuming their resources and spewing them back in the form of industrial waste, and worthless consumer goods…

Heed well this message I come to deliver to you this day:
One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were

We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike
The rights of the people and the rights of the planet are so intimately connected as to bear no difference whatsoever
Would you discipline your children for fighting and teach them to respect each other – WHILE THE HOUSE WAS BURNING DOWN???

We all breathe the same air; drink the same water share the same earth
Every church, temple, synagogue, mosque, circle of gathering on this planet, every agnostic free thinker and every atheist should recognize this by now
We all need to respect and defend one another from the darkest side of human nature
Our sacred home – this fragile ball of earth, fire, air and water, demands the same respect – the same defense – the same priority
There is no more important calling than this – NONE –

Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment

"We will leave this world an empty stone
Or this shining ball of blue, we can call our home…
Ashes ashes; all fall down
Ashes ashes; all fall down"
Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones -
Peace out