Convenience- or annoyance?

Remote car starters? - I hate em

I'm leaving work on Friday - and I have to push my way through a group of fellow employees huddled around the cafeteria door.
They are laughing, joking and having a good time as they discuss their plans for the weekend.

As I walk through the parking lot I pass no fewer than six vehicles idling away with doors locked and no one inside.

Realizing I have forgotten my checkbook - I head back inside to retrieve it from my desk
Five minutes later - I am on my way back out - past the same crowd of idle chatters - past the same row of idling cars

My problem with this?
It's 46 degrees outside! - just how much "warming up" does a vehicle need?
Especially since the sun is shining bright - and when I get into my car - I have to open windows

My mechanic friends tell me that more than a minute of warming up is excessive -
even when it is COLD outside (46 does not constitute cold)

How much fuel is being wasted every day in this country simply because people don't want to get into a cold car and start driving?
What's wrong with burning gasoline for no other reason than your physical comfort for that first few minutes of driving time?

If the moral issue of wasting fuel and polluting the air more than necessary - while your children die in wars created to ensure that you have a ready supply of said fuel and global warming threatens to bring the world as we know it to a watery end doesn't bother you...
Then consider the good old rule of economics - supply and demand
Your waste - increases demand - which in turn drives up prices - FOR EVERYONE!
One of my coworkers told me - "I don't give a shit what anyone says, I aint going to get into a cold car in the morning!"
Well I have thought about this for a week and I have decided that I am not going to keep paying higher prices at the pump while others continue to waste gasoline like it didn't matter to anyone.
It does matter - to us all
So I am writing to my senators and congressmen to ask them to crack down on gasoline waste -
And to request that remote car starters be made illegal here in New York State
Please feel free to join me

The Wall

We wrote this on the day of Germany's re-unification
While the world watched in fascination The Berlin Wall was taken down

While Ronald Regan gloated – and Russia stood by – waiting for recognition that never came
We all wanted to remember the wall - what it was – why it was
And we wanted to remember all those uncounted lives ended or disrupted by that long hard wall
A Wall of hate and mistrust

Ten years have past – As I read this & listen to the hastily concocted performance
I can't help think that the point was missed by most of the world

Russia still waits – for recognition that never comes
The Ghost of Regan still gloats… and that gloat lives on - in the smirk on Bush's face and in the knowing look in Karl Roves eyes.

And as memories fade the poppies now grow on the graves of those who learned what the wall was really all about

The Fear was supposed to end that day – in 1992
The Fear was supposed to end.

Reminiscing Down the Wall

These days will stand and
With this changing at a glance
Of it all…

Boundaries up in arms
Then comes the changing of the guard
Bring it on!

Comes time to change but then
Containment stays the same
Now were lost…

When cold goes to warm
And your name is chiseled in the ice
You fear the thaw.

Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…

Born to the Right
And then we fight the good fight
Take credit for the fall…

Under its own weight
Did crash on down the Iron Gate
No risk at all

Who commands the light?
We would- if we could stand for right
And not just stand tall!

When you reminisce
This point;
You really shouldn't miss
Change changes all

Change changes all

Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…

Reminiscing down the wall…
Reminiscing down the wall…
(40 plus years to the fall)
Reminiscing down the wall…
(Who has now the angels?)
(Who hears the call?)
Reminiscing down the wall…

Feast your eyes on this…

Solomon's Ramada
Broadcast live from the WRPI studio 10/03/92


Moment of Clarity

Thursday am around 9:30

Numbing cold tide
Like death
Overtakes my mind

Thursday morning around 9:30
Falls away like fractal shards of frozen time

In that crystal moment
I feel the past
A ghost over my shoulder
It calls to me

And I look back
Across all time

Over the twisted strands that are me
My heritage, is information

The unbroken chain spans billions of years
And somewhere
In each of those uncounted moments
I was there

Each moment is me
I am my universe
Racing toward unknown destiny

Thursday morning around 9:30
Goes on around me like some bizarre, grotesque dance

And all of the purposes
Which govern our daily lives
They seem so unabashedly trivial
And petty

Suddenly, without warning
As the sum of all truth
And the meaning of all creation
Seem just within the grasp of my thought

A cloud of haze and sounds like
Cheap star-trek special effects
Pulls me back
With stern iron grip

The phone is ringing...
The clock is running...
The people come and go
So quickly

Thursday morning around 9:30
What am I doing here?

Can you please see that this goes out with today’s mail?
I’m going to go get another cup of coffee…….

OK The time has come to speak... all roads lead us home

Big Picture time:
Human rights = Environmental issues

It is as fundamental as this – in the simplest and most basic of terms.

The rights to eat, drink, breathe without being poisoned
The right to expect your grandchildren will be able to do the same
I say to you now – that there is no difference between hate crimes – and environmental crimes
Ignorance, arrogance and greed give spawn to them both
Respect for people includes respecting the places they live – i.e.: Mother Earth home to us ALL

To give birth to freedom, democracy, etc while allowing arsenic and lead to slowly kill your people
To celebrate liberty while the icecaps melt and drown our coastlines and the ozone layer fades away
To pretend to give democracy to oppressed countries while mass consuming their resources and spewing them back in the form of industrial waste, and worthless consumer goods…

Heed well this message I come to deliver to you this day:
One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were

We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike
The rights of the people and the rights of the planet are so intimately connected as to bear no difference whatsoever
Would you discipline your children for fighting and teach them to respect each other – WHILE THE HOUSE WAS BURNING DOWN???

We all breathe the same air; drink the same water share the same earth
Every church, temple, synagogue, mosque, circle of gathering on this planet, every agnostic free thinker and every atheist should recognize this by now
We all need to respect and defend one another from the darkest side of human nature
Our sacred home – this fragile ball of earth, fire, air and water, demands the same respect – the same defense – the same priority
There is no more important calling than this – NONE –

Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment

"We will leave this world an empty stone
Or this shining ball of blue

We can call our home…

Ashes ashes; all fall down
Ashes ashes; all fall down"

Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones

Never give up
Even when it seems hopeless
Especially when it seems hopeless