The Moral Crisis

We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.

June 11, 1963

The National Guard had to be called out simply to ensure that two qualified and accepted black students were able to be admitted to the University of Alabama. The Govenor of the state, protected by state police, stood in the doorway and blocked them from entering the administration building.

The presence of armed troops eventually won the day and the students were admitted. The President felt so strongly about this incident that he interrupted all telivision and radio broadcasts across the nation that evening in order to bring this message to the people.

We face, therefore, a moral crisis as a country and as a people. It cannot be met by repressive police action. It cannot be left to increased demonstrations in the streets. It cannot be quieted by token moves or talk. It is time to act in the Congress, in your State and local legislative body and, above all, in all of our daily lives.

I have no doubts that they killed him for this
Progress has been slow and the hearts of the people are difficult to turn
It is easier to hate than it is to understand that in doing so you are denegrating not only the country and what it stands for - but your very self as well.

How are we going to impliment these ideals in Iraq when we cannot fully integrate them into our own culture over the last 40 years?

Read / listen top the speech here:

No Noose Is Good Noose

Someone here at work has cut out the front page of last Sundays New York Post and hung it over their desk
The headline – in the largest type possible declares:

There is a full page picture of Saddam Hussein (and not a complimentary one) a little photo shop magic has a placed noose around his neck.

Apparently I am supposed to be happy about a society committing murder in the name of justice.
I am not.
It sickens me.

Although I am not a practicing Christian, I still believe that were he here today, Jesus would condemn such an act. For he was a man of compassion who understood that it is not about the acts committed by the criminal that should be our first concern, it is our own actions in dispensing justice we need to think about.
I was happy to see that the Vatican agrees with me.
My "born again" friends do not – they want blood, they are drooling, they cannot wait for the execution.

I doubt very much that Jesus would pull out his bible and search for an appropriate "eye for an eye" passage to justify the act of murder. He would not have quoted scripture; he would have spoken from his heart.

Once again, we see the pitfalls of writing things down and forgetting the ideals, the context from which they originate. Again, thank you Tao for pointing that out to me.
Spirituality comes from the heart, not from a book, or so I now believe.

How can we murder someone, after condemning him for murder?


A word
A concept
A perspective

From the Hopi language:
Po.waq.qatsi = sorcerer life
An entity
A way of life that consumes the life forces of other beings in order to further its own life.

The third world exists primarily to feed the glut of the industrialized nations, who themselves are spiraling out of control in a technological free for all.

Mother Earth suffers from our greed first hand.
But she suffers even more at the hands of the poor and oppressed who struggle not to lift themselves from poverty so much as they struggle to feed the machine.

More than half the world has become enslaved in a time when we feel so self righteous as to condemn the act of slavery itself.

We bring technology to the third world, but for what purpose?
The railroad is not built for the improvement of their society or to aid in the transportation if their people
It is built to bring their resources and raw materials from the mines and the forests to the coast.

When you slip that diamond ring on her finger – do you think about the fingers on hands that dug it from the earth?
Do you think about the people who die in the diamond mines every day?
Bauxite, cobalt, zinc, tin, ebony, mahogany, emeralds, diamonds, selenium, amethyst, pitchblende, gold…
Do you ever stop to think about where these things come from?
How are they collected, how do they get here?
There is a sinister side to the wonders of modern society, a side we choose not to see.

But the rest of the world not only sees it, they live it.
If we are to breed contempt, we should not be surprised when it comes back to us in the form of hate.

Mr Bush and his cohorts contends that the terrorists attack us because “They can’t stand freedom”
He wants you to think that their hatred is irrational and unfounded
He wants you to deny their humanity, and to fear them.
Powaqqatsi is their god – they worship it and sate their greed on its trappings, growing richer, more powerful and more deluded every day

Yes I am afraid – but not of the terrorists of which Bush speaks
I fear the terrorists here within

The Bush administration is using FEAR in an attempt to control our behavior.

So I ask you – WHO are the terrorists now?

I will combat that fear, with knowledge and understanding.

Shock and Awe

Estimates of Iraqi deaths due to the invasion of the US now total over 650,000. This is an estimate because aparently an Iraqi death is not worthy of being counted.
Many of these uncounted casualties in the post Saddam era if the nation are women.
Acts of brutality abound a month-long investigation by The Observer reveals

Horrific as it is - it is time we face the consequences of our actions.
I believe America is ready to face the situation in Iraq. The people need to know going forward that if we are going to even start to clean up the mess we have made then we must do so with our eyes wide open.

My heart is heavy but still I press on, what other choice do we have?

We must accept responsibility for the damage done in Iraq – in HUMAN terms above all else.
We must salvage what is left of America and restore its compassion before all is lost.

I did not want this blood on my hands
Like millions of Americans – I screamed and spoke out against this war
I did so not just because it was wrong and based on lies, but also because I foresaw all of the tragic events that are occurring now.

It seemed fairly obvious to me, I assumed it was fairly obvious to anyone who took the time to look past the lies and consider the consequences of going to war.
However Bush used fear as a weapon against his own people and soon all we cared about were non existent WMD’s and the “Axis of evil”

This is without a doubt the most malevolent and incompetent act of any president in our history.


“On to Baghdad “- “Mission Accomplished” will go down as the epitaphs of one of the most petty, blind and brutal propagandist leaders in world history.
Weather or not Bush, Cheney and the rest actually believe in their own festering rhetoric matters not.

The crimes they have perpetrated against Iraq and against our own people will, in the long term, make Saddam Husain look like a dignified and commendable world leader by comparison.
When Bush promised us a campaign of “shock and awe” the situation we see today is what came to my mind. And I hoped and prayed that the inevitable would not come to pass.

So here I now sit, drenched in blood.
Blood I shall never be free of.
And though I have never heard them, my soul reverberates with the horrific screams of the women, raped brutalized and murdered.
They haunt my dreams and I don’t sleep some nights.

All this for the blind lust for wealth and power of a man we ourselves elected to be our leader.
Shame on us all for allowing this to happen – to ignore not just one, but two elections stolen.
And now Bushes god has been imposed on us all – like it or not.
We are a secular nation no longer.
May the great Bush god have mercy on our souls.

The Voice of Dissent

You do not have to agree

As I watch this country slip daily closer and closer towards becoming a totalitarian state I find myself, for the first time, living in fear.
In the past I have been angry, surprised, shocked and disappointed with our leadership at various times.
Now I am simply afraid.
No, I do not fear the terrorists.

My fear comes from our own willingness to allow the terrorists to win, through our willingness to dismantle our constitution and brush aside the democracy we have fought for and believed in for so long.
Are my children going to live to see their liberty taken from them?
Will my grandchildren be born as slaves to a totalitarian machine dedicated to the cause of a handful of zealots, rather than to a nation dedicated to the highest ideals of humanity?

But I still have hope.
I hope that it is not too late to stop this madness long enough to remember why there is an America in the first place, and begin to take it back.
This hope is not ill founded it would seem, for there are still some people willing to fight for what is left of the American ideal and hold their ground.
One such man has been using his access to the media to raise the alarm and call things the way he sees them.
His name is Keith Olbermann and he has been using his pulpit as a journalist to speak out almost nightly about what he believes are the biggest threats to America.

I am not asking any of you to agree.
I am not asking any of you to believe what he has to say, or to rally behind him as a champion of freedom.
I am not asking any of you to be inspired by his eloquent words or his well thought out arguments.
I am not asking any of you to cheer at the passion with which he speaks.

I am asking you to recognize that he is the embodiment of the voice of dissent, without which there is little real proof that the freedom of speech, perhaps the most precious of our supposedly guaranteed rights, is still in place.

I am asking you to remember that dissent is one of the most powerful and profound of all the freedoms which form the foundation of the American ideal, and that without dissent we have no means to consensus and a government that is truly “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

I am asking you to be vigilant.

For the day that they silence this commentator and others like him will be the day that America is lost, the point of no return from which democracy will only be a memory.
From that point there will be no turning back.
Once democracy is lost America will have to fight another long and bloody revolution to even attempt to get it back.

I am reminded of Francis Scott Key, surveying the battle of Baltimore in 1814 with uncertainty from his perspective in the harbor, taking comfort in the light of the exploding shells overhead, reassuring him that the flag still flew proud over Fort McHenry, and that America was not yet lost.
For I now look out from the safety of my living room with uncertainty and take comfort in the light from my television and computer screens, as they broadcast to me the voice of dissent, reassuring me that our freedoms live on, and that America is not yet lost.

And so my fear is contained for now, and I hope for better days and a better America.

Thank you for reading this

And what of the Children?

I felt heaviness on my heart as I began my day, and my sweet dreams were replaced by the harsh reality of the world without.

As I sit here and try to work I cannot hide from the news unfolding before my eyes.
Five children murdered in Pennsylvania, all young girls, and for what?
Last week in Colorado, children taken hostage, sexually abused - one murdered
And a congressman from Florida, resigning because he has been caught preying upon young congressional pages - all young boys.

I know that children everywhere meet with tragedy every day - but sometimes I cannot shut out the horror and the pain that radiates outwards from their suffering.

The past few years I have felt the increasingly bittersweet feeling of freedom as my children outgrow their need for my parenting and become more and more independent.
It's hard in many ways to see them so grown up – but in some ways they will always be my little ones.

So I am up early this morning – getting my son off to his new job with a warm bagel in his hand and a kiss on the forehead, like it was his second day of school and he is five again.

You can't help this as a parent, it is instinct.

And as I relive these feelings, watching him drive off, the news is on – and it is oh so ugly.
Every disappointment he has ever faced – every skinned knee and lost dream came flooding back through my heart.
The time he punctured his eardrum, or when his new bicycle was stolen. The first time he had his heart broken…

All those tears I witnessed and endured over 22 years as I stood firmly by his side giving what comfort a father can give; suddenly fell upon my heart once again.

For a moment I am the parent of every child on earth, and the pain of the children is my pain, and it is more than I can endure without breaking down.
And so I did. I cried my heart out.

I feel guilty for being wrapped up in myself and not seeing the big picture – not loving myself enough, not appreciating how good I have things.

And so I will avoid the news for now – and thus I will recover
It's a beautiful day, the river awaits.


Following in the footsteps of the House, the Senate this afternoon approved the bill which vests in the President the power of indefinite, un-reviewable detention
(Even of U.S. citizens) and which also legalizes various torture techniques.

It is not hyperbole to say that this is one of the most tyrannical and dangerous bills to be enacted in our nation’s history.

The final Senate vote was 65-34. The Democrats lacked the votes for a filibuster and therefore did not attempt one.

Twelve (out of 44) Senate Democrats voted in favor of this bill, while only one Republican (Chafee) voted against it.
The dishonorable list of Democrats voting for the bill:
Carper (Del.),
Johnson (S.D.),
Landrieu (La.),
Lautenberg (N.J.),
Lieberman (Conn.),
Menendez (N.J),
Nelson (Fla.),
Nelson (Neb.),
Pryor (Ark.),
Rockefeller (W. Va.),
Salazar (Co.),
Stabenow (Mich).

Glenn Greenwald

All those years I had to listen to the ignorant ideological right belch forth the motto:

“America, Love it or Leave it”

Never in my darkest dreams did I imagine that America would leave me.

This might just be our darkest day in 230 years.

Yes - Do Let Us Focus on Terrorism

OK – over the past month or so President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and some others In the Admin Du’joure have asked me to pay more attention to Terrorism.
I thought they were kidding.
They weren’t.
On Sept 11th of this year – I was accused, more than once, of being soft on terrorism. That perhaps I had forgotten the “lessons” of 9/11/2001.
The President and his cronies were referring, in addition to my lack of support for their war, to my reluctance to let them get away with the illegal torture of its captives and illegally held detainees.

These detainees are terrorists, they claim, and are therefore not subject to the laws regarding the ethical treatment of prisoners.
I am not supposed to question this. Nor am I supposed to speak out about Iraq, the biggest crime against humanity in over a decade. To do so makes me unpatriotic.

Just sit back and relax while they rewrite the rules. As the legislators in Washington take away my privacy, my right to an attorney and my freedom to speak my mind, Bush will go on the offensive and twist arms until the Geneva Convention itself is modified to suit his needs.
I need not worry about the consequences of this destabilization of our humanity, or this pillaging of our very rights, for it is all being done in the name of protecting my family.

Thank God.

So I am free to relax and watch some all time great American reality TV. Survivor is offering a tantalizing season of racial combat
Can’t wait.

But I cannot help feeling guilty about being soft on the terrorists. Perhaps Bush is right – Perhaps I DO need to focus more on the terrorist threat.
Well let us make them happy
Let us re-visit the issue

What are the folks best qualified to assess this threat saying to the Bush White House?

The New York Times reports

WASHINGTON, Sept. 23 — A stark assessment of terrorism trends by American intelligence agencies has found that the American invasion and occupation of Iraq has helped spawn a new generation of Islamic radicalism and that the overall terrorist threat has grown since the Sept. 11 attacks.

The classified National Intelligence Estimate attributes a more direct role to the Iraq war in fueling radicalism than that presented either in recent White House documents or in a report released Wednesday by the House Intelligence Committee, according to several officials in Washington involved in preparing the assessment or who have read the final document.

So the experts who actually do the legwork in the field are telling me that Bush has only made things worse.
Much worse.

So it would seem *gasp* that the White House has not been completely forthcoming with their assessment of this threat.
They want me to focus on terrorism and congratulate them for their efforts and support their war.
They lied to me, telling me that I am safer today than I was on 9/11/2001 in order to garner this support

They really must think I am deluded.

As we speak the white house is looking to spin this report as just another case of botched intelligence.

Just like the kind of bad intelligence that tried to warn them against the attacks of 9/11
Just like the bad intelligence that tried to tell them that there were no WMD’s in Iraq.
Just like the bad intelligence that tried to warn Bush that Iraq was NOT trying to buy uranium from Nigeria – and that he probably shouldn’t lie about it in the state of the union address as that would be an impeachable offense.

Is it not possible that there is nothing wrong with the intelligence?
Perhaps trying to “SPIN” the facts to justify ineptitude and bad policy is to blame here.

Solomon Sez

A solemn day – a solemn time
I remember how proud I was five years ago today
I am less proud now.

The bizarre and horrific events of that day have only been eclipsed by the events which have followed.
The charge to Afghanistan, which went nowhere
War in Iraq over non existent weapons of mass destruction, based on a deliberate lie.

The people I was so proud of – running off down logical dead ends, flags in hand, waving blindly and meaning nothing.

A presidential re-election that was a joke, obvious vote tampering, using false beliefs about terrorism for political gain…
What happened to the truth?

It is a time for me to gather my thoughts
It was five years ago – get over it?
I don’t think anyone with a soul ever will

Nor should we – for we forget at our own peril.


Ohio Evolves

On Feb. 14 of this year The Ohio Board of Education voted 11 to 4 to toss out a mandate that 10th-grade biology classes include critical analysis of evolution and an accompanying model lesson plan, dealing the intelligent design movement its second serious defeat in two months.

Recently there has been some debate about this among my friends and co-workers. Some comments were made about the Big Bang, as well as the role and mechanics of evolution.

Apparently many believe that evolution can not explain the diversity and complexity of modern life forms. The debate sparked this reaction from me:

I have no problem in believing that evolution as a mechanism for creation is probably able to explain everything in the universe as we see it today. Most likely our understanding of the evolutionary process is still fairly simplistic – as the number of variables and the amount of time involved is staggering.

This does not exclude me from the school of creationists… it merely, as has been pointed out, puts the moment of creation back to the big bang, and possibly long before that, and not some arbitrary point in time appx 5,000 years ago As to the nature of the big bang and the origins of everything – well that is still wide open to interpretation.

As I understand it today – the big bang gave birth to an immense amount of “energy/matter” which quickly distilled into what we now recognize to be space, time, energy and matter. – The latter consisting almost entirely of hydrogen.
I do not see any difference between stellar evolution and natural evolution here on earth. Stars formed from the hydrogen and immediately set to work creating all of the other elements. This gave rise to a more and more complex mix of material from which stellar systems could be made.
This not only made our solar system possible, it has disbursed the ingredients needed for life throughout the universe – coincidence?

And maybe that was the plan all along…

Many scientists see evolution as the mechanism of creation, as God intended it to be, with all the necessary parameters and rules built right in. This is much closer to my belief – that it is less of a puppet show – and more of an ongoing process, perhaps even the thought or will of god, playing itself out over time.

As for what we teach in school – well science is science and I don’t think “Intelligent Design” belongs there in the science class. As I recall – when I was taught evolution – it was taught as a theory – the logical conclusion to the evidence as we understand it TODAY without excluding the possibility that there is much more to it then we can comprehend currently.

I think that to people like my fundamentalist co-workers the real problem with this is not that I am discounting the existence of God…. It is that I am making an argument that opens the door to the possibility that Man is not necessarily God’s supreme creation
And that the process is ON-GOING and is in fact going on throughout the universe.

Too bad we don’t teach “Spirituality” in school so that kids can contemplate things outside the realm of empirical and objective observation, and do so without the constraints of any one particular faith. I have benefited much by opening my mind to all faiths and their beliefs about creation.

This has done allot to reinforce my belief that all of mankind really is connected to a small common group of ancestors. Something I always believed in my heart (Faith) and now is being shown to be likely, by the scientific evidence.

Interesting that the very same science that has been resisted by fundamentalists for so long now suggests that not only did the current human population of earth all spawn from one small group of people who began to migrate from Africa 50,000 years ago, but also that it is possible that the group in question may originally have consisted of only two people…

Most of our greatest scientists have been men of faith – many see the world of science and mathematics as expressions of Gods will.
When Keppler realized that Pythagoras’ theory regarding the relationships of the sides of a right triangle was true, whether man figured it out or not, he began to feel that understanding math and science was like understanding the mind of God.

For their rules and relationships exist outside of mans will, experience and even his ability to comprehend them.

Galileo also felt this calling – to understand science as the expression of God – and he was amazed at the discoveries he made.
For his trouble – he was excommunicated – not for being at odds with God – but for being at odds with the church.
Who among us would now believe that the world is flat? Or that the earth is the center of the solar system?

Perhaps someday our faith will grow to the point of being able to accept science as an important tool to reveal Gods will and Gods creation

It distresses me that we have to make a distinction between faith and science so clear cut.
The one does not preclude the other, it never has

The inability of most churches and organized religions to be able to assimilate what science teaches us into their beliefs distresses me as well

Science gives us technology which in turn gives us things like pesticides and fertilizer - because that is the direction we choose to drive it in.

But Science also gives us the ability to understand that these may have been mistakes…

Perhaps a little more acceptance of science in the world of faith would help us utilize it in a more productive fashion

The KAT is out of the bag

In an interview for the Florida Baptist Witness last week – Congress woman and Senatorial hopeful, Katherine Harris, openly spoke her mind about religion in politics.

Yes that’s correct – the woman who threw the election for GW Bush in 2000 by using the names of Texas felons to disallow the votes of thousands of legitimate Floridians with similar names is taking the moral high ground in her bid for the US Senate.

Among other things this frightening woman said:
“we have to have the faithful in government and over time, that lie we have been told, the separation of church and state, people have internalized, thinking that they needed to avoid politics and that is so wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers”

So we now have a senatorial hopeful that does NOT believe in the separation of church and state… And she believes – like Bush – that God appoints our leaders.

So I have to ask – why then do we hold elections at all? Wouldn’t it just be easier to just ask WWJVF? (Who would Jesus vote for?)

She went on to say:
"And if we are the ones not actively involved in electing those godly men and women," then "we're going to have a nation of secular laws. That's not what our Founding Fathers intended, and that certainly isn't what God intended."

I don’t recall God being one of our founding fathers – but perhaps I missed something. I would like to ask a question about that though.
Eighty seven years after this nation was founded there was some division over the intent of the founding fathers with regards to states rights.
Which God is she referring to here, the one the North believed in – or the one the South believed in – during the years 1861 – 1865?

I realize that there are many among us that have never even read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – and many more who have little understanding as to what they mean. – But I would hope that they would seek and gain that understanding BEFORE they run for congress or the US senate.

A nation of secular laws was fully intended by our founding fathers. I had thought they had made that perfectly clear.

If Katherine’s fear is that we will become a nation of secular laws – then she is living in the wrong country.
Iran is such a place – perhaps she would be more comfortable there.

I have gotten some disturbing emails in recent months; you know the chain mail kind, implying that American patriotism includes belief in, and worship of God.
They go on to imply that since the founding fathers believed in God – so should we all – and if you do not, they go on to say, you should consider leaving.

Why should someone’s loyalty be measured by their faith in God?
Saddam Husain believes in God. So does Osama Bin Laden, and so did Hitler.

On September 14th 2001 I went to visit my dad out on the family tree farm.
As I left my small neighborhood for the country back roads – I noticed all the flags hanging outside everyone’s home. (mine included)

When I got there I asked my dad “are you going to hang up a flag?”

“What for?” he replied without hesitation “Why should I feel the need to advertise my patriotism?”
“Patriotism is something you feel in here (points to his heart). It’s personal to me, and I don’t need to show it off.”
This from a man who volunteered to go off to world war two, where he served as a navigator in the air force.

Though he was a pacifist, he enlisted, because his country needed him.
He put the needs of his country above his personal beliefs.

In 1943 his plane was shot down. The crew had to bail out. One man was so nervous he pulled the ripcord and opened his chute inside the plane.
My dad got him out of the way, got all the others out of the plane then made sure the unfortunate fellow was able to jump without getting tangled up in his own rigging.

All this as the flak from the anti air guns exploded around them and their plane descended in a slow downward spiral, missing part of one wing, and on fire.

All of the crew survived the jump. But they were captured behind German lines. My dad rode out the last 18 months of the war in a German POW camp.
When they were liberated and my dad was nominated for a medal of freedom – he retorted “Nonsense! What on earth for?”

He turned down all his veterans benefits as well.
When he returned from the war he finished school and started a family. He always voted stayed active and informed, paid his taxes and contributed to his community.

When I was young our neighborhood was transforming from a middle class – to a lower class area. – Realtors were using scare tactics preying on people’s stereotypes and fears of blacks moving into their community to get people to sell cheap and move away.

My dad refused to give in to this kind of bullying.
“What good does that do my community, what good does that do my country?” he asked. “The nation invested in me – and I invested in this community – segregated neighborhoods are just plain un-American.”

He cared more about his country than he cared about his property value – How patriotic is that?
So why do I bring all this up?
Well Katherine Harris – my dad does not believe in God.

Get reading

Google Books is now offering free downloads of out of copyright material

Books such as:
The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy
by Issac Newton

And The origin of Species
By Charles Darwin

Ahh the classics...

Oliver Sells Out

Oliver Stone has made a new movie – one which promises to make Hollywood rich
"World Trade Center" is drawing huge crowds to the box office and is getting critical acclaim.
Only New Yorkers seem to be shying away from this film.
I love New Yorkers.

Why would I not want to run out to see this movie?
I already know that in the face of the tragic events of 9/11 Americans showed themselves to be strong, united and most of all, human.
So why do I hesitate?

In 2003 I would have welcomed this film – maybe even in 2004, but not now.
I am hearing just how great this movie is, the patriotism, the unity, the nationalism and the portrayal of American courage.
And I guess that’s it. I am sick of the patriotism, the flag waving unity, the mindless self righteous nationalism.
No it’s not the events of that tragedy that put me off, I am not afraid to relive that horrible day.
My problem is with the events that have followed that day.
My problem is with where all that wonderful patriotism and national unity have taken us.

Vengeance for 9/11 and the attempt to bring those responsible to justice have taken us to Iraq
The so called “War on terror” has brought us to a place that had nothing to do with 9/11 to wage a war that had no legitimate purpose
Meanwhile the perpetrator of the attack on America still runs free.

Estimates show around 40,000 Iraqi civilians have died –estimates because our armed forces are not keeping track of the dead.
3,200 dead here at home – 40,000 Iraqi civilians…

But the thing that really got me down today was that the story about Oliver’s new movie appeared on the same page of my paper as a story about American soldiers raping and killing an Iraqi child – along with murdering her whole family, including a five year old.

I know I know… Innocent until proven guilty – right? – Good thing they weren’t sent to Gitmo
But just reading their own sworn statements was enough to make me sick.

America suffered that day in 2001 but why bring that suffering home to a 14 year old girl and her family in Iraq?
All that Nationalism, patriotism, unity and courage – for what – for this? – So our soldiers can commit crimes like these while a world doesn’t care?

Sorry Oliver Stone…
I am ashamed this day – not proud – to be an American L

The blood Bush has laid on my hands has been bad enough.
But this time I don’t know. There is more than just blood now – there are the tears, the grief and the anguish of a young girl raped and murdered, staining my heart.
Her pain is my pain – and thought of her horrible screams will haunt me – though I never heard them – they are there reverberating in the national subconscious.

We came to liberate these people from a brutal dictator. I wonder if they feel they are any better off. – I can think of two children at least who don’t.

Four American soldiers are claiming they are the victims of “combat stress”
Soldiers that should have never been there in the first place.

For the record

Earth has suffered irreversible damage: study
Updated Thu. Mar. 31 2005 5:55 AM ET News Staff

Humans are damaging the Earth at such an unprecedented rate that the strain on the planet may destroy about two-thirds of its ecosystem services, according to a landmark international study.

The consequences of humans' activities are severe and include: new diseases, sudden changes in water quality, creation of "dead zones" along the coasts, the collapse of fisheries, and shifts in regional climate, according to the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Synthesis Report.
"At the heart of this assessment is a stark warning," said the 45-member board.
"Human activity is putting such strain on the natural functions of Earth that the ability of the planet's ecosystems to sustain future generations can no longer be taken for granted," it said.
The four-year, 2,500-page assessment was drawn up by 1,300 researchers from 95 nations in an effort to inform global policy initiatives.

Scientists warn that about 60 per cent of the ecosystem services that support life on Earth, such as fresh water, air and water regulation and natural hazards, are being destroyed.
The report warns that the consequences of this degradation of the environment will significantly worsen over the next 50 years.

"Any progress achieved in addressing the goals of poverty and hunger eradication, improved health, and environmental protection is unlikely to be sustained if most of the ecosystem services on which humanity relies continue to be degraded," said the study.
The report says humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly in the past 50 years than any other period.

"This was done largely to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel," a statement said, adding that this resulted in an irreversible loss of life on Earth, with some 10 to 30 per cent of mammal, bird and amphibian species threatened with extinction currently.

The changes in the ecosystem are owing to humans' efforts to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fibre and fuel, the report says.
"More land was converted to agriculture since 1945 than in the 18th and 19th centuries combined," according to the report's authors.

"More than half of all the synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, first made in 1913, ever used on the planet has been used since 1985."

And the current state of affairs is likely to be an obstacle to meeting the Millennium Development Goals agreed to by world leaders at the United Nations in 2000, the report says.
"The over-riding conclusion of this assessment is that it lies within the power of human societies to ease the strains we are putting on the nature services of the planet, while continuing to use them to bring better living standards to all," said the MA board of directors in a statement.
"Achieving this, however, will require radical changes in the way nature is treated at every level of decision-making and new ways of cooperation between government, business and civil society. The warning signs are there for all of us to see. The future now lies in our hands."
In a message launching the reports, United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan said the environment can only be protected by understanding how it works.
"Only by valuing all our precious natural and human resources can we hope to build a sustainable future," Annan said.

Other warnings:
Deforestation influences the abundance of human pathogens such as malaria and cholera
Scientists project there will be progress in eliminating hunger but at rates too slow to halve the number of the hungry by 2015.

It is the world's poorest people who suffer the most from changes to the ecosystem.
Only four ecosystem services have been improved in the past half-century. These include: increased crop, livestock and aquaculture production, and increased carbon sequestration for worldwide climate regulation.

The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment's work was prepared under the supervision of a 45-member board of directors, co-chaired by Dr. Robert Watson, chief scientist of The World Bank, and Dr. A. Hamid Zakri, director of the United Nations University's Institute of Advanced Studies.

The Time Has Come... Pt 2

All roads lead us home…

A few months ago I wrote to most of you after making a startling connection in my mind about environmental issues in relation to humanitarian issues.
This idea was spurred by the question presented to me as to who would be the better choice for speaker at the annual NYS Farm Workers Assoc Gala.
The choices were Robert Kennedy Jr. and Elliott Spitzer.
Kennedy – defender of human rights Vs. Spitzer – defender of the environment…

I thought long and hard about these two men – and the message each would bring – I never really came to a conclusion as to who would be the better speaker
I did however make a connection between these two issues. It occurred to me then – and I will reiterate now, that there is no difference between the two:

“We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike"

I my previous letter I also stated that:

“There is no more important calling than this – NONE –
Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment”

I had no idea at that time that this film was in production.

Having now seen it – I will stand by those words and I am hoping with all my heart that you will as well.
I love you all – just as I love this planet we inhabit and I am asking you all to see this movie and keep an open mind.
It is not a movie about Al Gore – Al is simply the messenger, and the message he delivers is one that we all need to hear.

Regardless of my opinion of the man in the past – I will now stand by my words above – and offer my undying gratitude and support
I feel that strongly – If you live on this planet – you need to hear this message.

This is not a political issue – it is no longer merely an environmental issue –
This is a moral issue –
JFK once addressed the nation on the issue of the inequality and disparity caused by segregation in our schools and our society; in his speech he stated:

“We are confronted primarily with a moral issue. It is as old as the scriptures and is as clear as the American Constitution.”

I call upon these words once again in the hopes that they will wake up a few more sleeping souls and divert them from the paths of despair or denial and move them to paths of awareness and action.

There will be much controversy over this film I am sure – I have already begun to see arguments against it – some politically motivated – some coming from organizations supporting the takeover of governmental functions by the private sector.

To me these arguments are as empty and as hollow as the words of a mass murderer who, when confronted with a list of his offenses including over sixty horrendous homicides, defends himself by saying
“I only hit that last guy once – he must have died of a heart attack.” .

I will leave you to form your own opinions – but as I said a few weeks ago:

“I myself have known this to be a very distinct possibility – since 1976
Since then the number of believers within the scientific community has gone from a handful – to an overwhelming majority
The only fact still being debated with any credibility – is the timescale”.

So– ten years – one hundred years – what is the difference? Perhaps the point of no return has passed – but perhaps it has not.

We know that the issue is real – to know such and not act on it is IMMORAL in every sense.
To continue to hide behind a media smokescreen of confusion and doubt is CRIMINAL in every sense.

We are born – we live and then we die – some two thousand generations lie behind us since we left our ancestral home on the plains of Africa.

In that time we have populated the planet. We have gone to the moon, to the bottom of the ocean. We have mapped our chromosomes, peered back to the very edge of time, and pondered the molecule, the atom and the quark.

How many generations will now follow after us? What will be their destiny?
If you have children, want children or even just know and love a child, please consider this question.
What will be our legacy?

“One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were”

Is this how we want to be remembered? As the generation who discovered the truth about our own impact upon this planet – yet refused to acknowledge it, or act upon it?

I was surprised by this movie- not by the evidence – but by the parallels between the life of Al Gore and my own…
If indeed you do not trust the man – being a politician – then I ask you to please trust me on this one.

For I have followed the same path of enlightenment and understanding of these issues –
NONE of the scientific data presented in this film was new to me.
I learned about atmospheric measurements of CO2 being done in the Pacific as a child
I followed along as the Global Oceanic Seafloor Core Sampling project was going on – I own a published copy of the results.
I learned about the significance of Arctic and Antarctic Ice core sampling. – Polar Icecap thickness data from the Navy and from Jacque Cousteau…

I have seen the studies on ozone depletion – as well as on movement of Antarctic ice flows.
I have studied oceanic biodiversity and change, climatology, learned about the decimation of the coral reefs around the world. The impact of harvesting the rainforest, slash and burn agriculture…

I have studied the broadening of the Sahara – the impact OF the people there; the impact ON the people there.
The list goes on – and on – I have devoted forty years of my life to learning about this issue. Most of these studies did not set out to prove anything about global warming – many had nothing to do with global warming at all…

There is no campaign to fool the world’s people – There has been no intent to make an issue out of something that is not sustainable – or provable.

We have been slow in many ways, to put the pieces of evidence into context, but that era has passed. The evidence has now lead us, as has been so appropriately stated, to an inconvenient truth.

My Philosophy has been shaped by people like Aldo Leopold – father of the modern conservation movement – whose ideas were met with skepticism and denial in 1948. Those same ideas are accepted today to be unshakably rock solid, profound and extremely insightful. Today these same ideas are UNIVERSALLY accepted world wide as the truth.

Carl Sagan…
I was already following this path of enlightenment when Carl Sagan came along and spoke of “Spaceship Earth” in the early seventies.
At that time I thought that this message was so fundamental and so easy to understand that surely the whole world would begin to embrace the idea of being environmentally responsible. I thought wrong.

Carl Sagan is gone – but his dream is still alive
Now we are being offered a second chance to wake up and embrace a philosophy of environmental sustainability.
I ask you now to please get on board – not for my sake – but for your own – for all of our sakes.
Please join me

As usual – I will quote a song:

Come mothers and fathersThroughout the land
And don't criticize
What you can't understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road isRapidly agin'.
Please get out of the new one
If you can't lend your hand
For the times they are a-changin'.

“The Times They Are A Changing” Bob Dylan – 1964

All roads lead us home…
Please do what you can to protect that home – for today and for tomorrow
For we have no other place to go

Thanks once more to all of you who managed to read this all the way through
My heart goes with you
Citizen of Earth

I speak Earth Talk

For those who did not get this – or have forgotten – here is my original rant – from earlier this year

Big Picture time – Human rights = Environmental issues

It is as fundamental as this – in the simplest and most basic of terms.

The rights to eat, drink, breathe without being poisoned
The right to expect your grandchildren will be able to do the same…
I say to you now – that there is no difference between hate crimes – and environmental crimes
Ignorance, arrogance and greed give spawn to them both
Respect for people includes respecting the places they live – i.e.: Mother Earth home to us ALL

To give birth to freedom, democracy, etc while allowing arsenic and lead to slowly kill your people
To celebrate liberty while the icecaps melt and drown our coastlines and the ozone layer fades away
To pretend to give democracy to oppressed countries while mass consuming their resources and spewing them back in the form of industrial waste, and worthless consumer goods…

Heed well this message I come to deliver to you this day:
One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were

We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike
The rights of the people and the rights of the planet are so intimately connected as to bear no difference whatsoever
Would you discipline your children for fighting and teach them to respect each other – WHILE THE HOUSE WAS BURNING DOWN???

We all breathe the same air; drink the same water share the same earth
Every church, temple, synagogue, mosque, circle of gathering on this planet, every agnostic free thinker and every atheist should recognize this by now
We all need to respect and defend one another from the darkest side of human nature
Our sacred home – this fragile ball of earth, fire, air and water, demands the same respect – the same defense – the same priority
There is no more important calling than this – NONE –

Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment

"We will leave this world an empty stone
Or this shining ball of blue, we can call our home…
Ashes ashes; all fall down
Ashes ashes; all fall down"
Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones -
Peace out


Should I be concerned that absolutely no one reads this Blog?
Am I just wasting my time here?
My analytical side says "Who cares? - Just keep writing and keep your thoughts organized. It's their loss... "
But my Ego is saying : "Hey! What about me?"

I have not had one new profile view in over 3 months - and no comments in weeks.

If no one cares who I am or what I say - than my message is lost -
I must now therefore seek a new pulpit from which to speak - so this may well be the last post you see here.

Perhaps if I allowed advertising and porn pop ups on this page more people would show an interest?

Sorry - that's NOT going to happen
And to anyone who does come here to read - sorry for the cynicism

The Toll

Twenty years ago today an explosion rocked reactor number four at the nuclear facility in Chernoble
People speak of 9/11 and the brave men and women who died that day
Running in while everyone else was running away

Who now remembers the brave souls - who ran into the worst nuclear accident in history?
Many have died - more are dying
Proponents of nuclear power cite reports that Chernoble related deaths will number no more than four thousand.
Greenpeace cites reports that put that number closer to one hundred thousand.

The New York Times refers to Chernoble as the worst nuclear disaster in history
Aparently our descision to drop two atomic bombs on Japan does not constitute a disaster...
Perhaps because this was a premeditated act of war
I wonder if they consulted with any of the survivors of Hiroshema or Nagasaki before defining the words "nuclear disaster"?
But this is not the day for that outrage - or for the debates surruonding nuclear power and arms.

Today is a solomn day
A day to remember those who put their personal safety aside - and ran into danger
So that others would escape

My heart goes out to them - and I thank them for their courage
Twenty years is a long time
Yet were you to travel to any of the area's within 20 miles of Chernoble today
You would be advised not to linger

Black Hole Mind

Black hole mind
No thoughts can escape
The gravity of your self importance
Nothing will leave you
Not even your light
Brooding dark thoughts
In a gravity well of ignorance
Black hole mind
Forgive my proximity
As I bypass the threshold
Of your event horizon

NO I will NOT Forget

As we approach the 36th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre (May 4 1970) let us remember the importance of speaking out against war

There was a time that people speaking out against war got so much attention that the government felt it was necessary to start gunning them down

It didn’t work

After the Kent State Massacre FOUR MILLION College students took to the streets – peacefully
Virtually shutting down every major University in the country.
The war mongers don’t like to admit it – but those students and their fellow protesters ended the war in Viet-Nam

Somehow the Nation did not rally behind a policy of gunning down our own children
The protest had brought the war home - where everyone could see it for what it was
Public opinion turned against the war for the first time within a month after the Kent State Shootings.

The Four Dead in Ohio:
Allison Krause - Age: 19, 110 Yards
William Schroeder - Age: 19, 130 Yards
Jeffrey Miller - Age: 20, 90 Yards
Sandra Scheuer - Age: 20, 130 Yards
"What if you knew her and found her dead on the ground?"

What if she was YOUR child?
lyrics by Neil Young

Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.
Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are gunning us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?
Gotta get down to it
Soldiers are gunning us down
Should have been done long ago.
What if you knew her
And found her dead on the ground
How can you run when you know?
Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
We're finally on our own.
This summer I hear the drumming,
Four dead in Ohio.
I for one will never forget this moment
I was 13 years old
I still cry – every year as this day passes
I will question EVERY military action our government takes
For my trust was lost that day – lost for ever

Your Boycott Won't Work

I recently received one of those “Chain” emails requesting me to take part in a boycott of Exxon – Mobil in order to force a “Price War” at the pump between the major oil companies.

On the off chance that you have received this as well – I am going to address it here.

The Email is said to be the brainchild of a retired Halliburton engineer – this is the company that provides gasoline to our troops in Iraq at a cost of $1.49 / gal when the local price is $0.99 - so I am suspicious right from the start.

The notion that if you don’t buy gasoline from Exxon – Mobil you will force a price war is seriously flawed...


Oligopoly – Google it

We are not looking at the standard model of free enterprise here – tactics like this won’t work

The real game is being played at the refinery – not at the pump

If everyone buys their gas from …Sun Oil lets say - and we leave Exxon-Mobil out in the cold – Sun’s refined stockpiles of gasoline will drop dramatically – causing them to refine more oil – and to alter their refinement structure to produce more gasoline / barrel and less heating oil, jet fuel etc…

The problem is that SUN doesn’t have an unlimited supply of oil to refine – they will be forced to either buy crude – or refined products from the other big oil refineries Including Exxon – Mobil.

They will not hesitate to do this – they do it ALL THE TIME – they have an agreement with the other refiners. For all intents and purposes – there is no competition between the major oil companies – just the illusion of it.

This situation has been exacerbated “For our own good” by the secret Bush energy policy which has opened up these price fixing arrangements between refiners to an unprecedented level.

Why else would the price at the pump be setting records while the stockpiles of both US crude and US refined gasoline are at the highest level in History?

It doesn’t matter where you go to buy your gas – it all comes from the same 7 major refineries. If the laws of supply and demand were in place here the price of gas would drop to around $0.99 - $1.19 / gal

If we had to compete fairly on an international market – you would be paying over $4.00 / gal already – so the notion that $2.79 / gal is expensive – is a subjective one at best

People are too quick to point the fingers at the oil companies – huge multi national corporations with no conscience…

If someone kept leaving your refrigerator door open at night and the cat got in there and ate all your favorite foods – would you only blame the cat?

Especially if the door was intentionally left open every night while you sleep - by someone in your home with a vested interest in fattening up the cat??!!

You need to STOP COMPLAINING at the pump and START ASKING your president, senators and congressmen – WHY is it that the price of gas is so high while we are experiencing the largest surplus of overstock in history? - While the oil companies are reporting the largest profit margins of any company in history – ever ?????

Perhaps the “Secret” energy policy is flawed? – Both Bush & Cheney have a vested interest – in feeding the cat

They are getting rich while changing the law to allow Exxon – Mobil and their friends to rob you blind

Bad cat!

Bad Bush!

Bad Cheney!!!!!!!

Things we can do:

Vote the energy Nazis out of office – IMPEACH AS NECESSARY

Challenge your representatives to start playing hardball with the big oil companies – they can be voted out of office too – remind them of that

Support campaign – lobby reform

USE LESS GASOLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We waste an estimated 20 – 30% of the gasoline purchased at the pump Oversized vehicles, vehicles left idling, remote car starters and unnecessary trips are top wasters – check your tire pressure – get tune-ups - slow down - car pool – ride the bus – insist on better mass transit

Demand solar tech be made available – tax cuts for doing so etc…. There is more that we can do

FOOD for thought:

Q: What do you get when you cross aging hippy ideals with profit hungry major oil companies that have no conscience?

A: BIODEASEL !!!!! Do we really want to run our cars on corn while the world starves? It is estimated that to grow that much corn in North America – Canada will have to be annexed – and its citizens relocated – so that Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and BC can be farmed for corn - fuel.

Not to mention the fact that you will be paying $2.79 / ear for corn at your local market

New Leaders Wanted

Today’s leaders don’t just live in the fog – they generate the fog for a living
From Hillary – to George – all I see is a spectrum of delusion – none wants to accept reality.
Perhaps we need a new set of leaders – ones who recognize reality
Perhaps we should ask…

What is reality?
Take a deep breath – that’s reality – you’re breathing it
It fills your lungs, your home; it’s all around you - everywhere
A balanced and perfectly maintained mix
Of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, and more
Air is reality

Look out your window – see reality out there?
It comes in the form of weather, rain and snow
The clouds are real, we write songs about clouds – they look poetic
But the reality is that they are made from billions of droplets of water vapor
They are merely part of a vast cycle – an important cycle – the water cycle
Water is reality

Step off the sidewalk and cross a gravel path
Do you hear something? You hear reality crunching beneath your feet
Hundreds of millions of tiny stones gathered to this place
Each tiny pebble has a story behind it, a story that is millions – even billions of years old – and still going
Stories of volcanoes, earthquakes, glaciers and floods
Earth is reality

Feel the warmth of the sun on your face
The warm glow of reality – it bathes us with photons and sustains all life here on earth
Deep underground – the molten fire
It creates the continents – makes the atmosphere
Energy generated – by atomic decay underground – by atomic fusion ninety three million miles away in space
Energy, without which we would be a dead frozen rock in the void
Fire is reality

Every living being on the planet other than man easily understands this concept
They are all connected to reality – every day
It can’t be that hard to comprehend
Long ago Asian philosophers understood this
They postulated that all reality is based on these four elements
Without the benefit of a Harvard education, or a fellowship at MIT
They were connected to reality – they spoke Earth Talk

Where are these teachers now? Surely there are still some among us
From their basic understanding of reality shall the new leaders come
With understanding and compassion
For this precious planet we all share and call home

Whether a gift of God – or a gift of Nature
It matters not –
Mother Earth has given life to ALL of us
It’s time to start showing her some gratitude – and respect
No matter who or what you believe holds your spirit
Without Earth, Fire, Air and Water
That spirit would have no home – no life – no place in the universe

This is the reality we need our leaders to embrace
Before it is too late

Love your mother
Speak Earth Talk

Convenience- or annoyance?

Remote car starters? - I hate em

I'm leaving work on Friday - and I have to push my way through a group of fellow employees huddled around the cafeteria door.
They are laughing, joking and having a good time as they discuss their plans for the weekend.

As I walk through the parking lot I pass no fewer than six vehicles idling away with doors locked and no one inside.

Realizing I have forgotten my checkbook - I head back inside to retrieve it from my desk
Five minutes later - I am on my way back out - past the same crowd of idle chatters - past the same row of idling cars

My problem with this?
It's 46 degrees outside! - just how much "warming up" does a vehicle need?
Especially since the sun is shining bright - and when I get into my car - I have to open windows

My mechanic friends tell me that more than a minute of warming up is excessive -
even when it is COLD outside (46 does not constitute cold)

How much fuel is being wasted every day in this country simply because people don't want to get into a cold car and start driving?
What's wrong with burning gasoline for no other reason than your physical comfort for that first few minutes of driving time?

If the moral issue of wasting fuel and polluting the air more than necessary - while your children die in wars created to ensure that you have a ready supply of said fuel and global warming threatens to bring the world as we know it to a watery end doesn't bother you...
Then consider the good old rule of economics - supply and demand
Your waste - increases demand - which in turn drives up prices - FOR EVERYONE!
One of my coworkers told me - "I don't give a shit what anyone says, I aint going to get into a cold car in the morning!"
Well I have thought about this for a week and I have decided that I am not going to keep paying higher prices at the pump while others continue to waste gasoline like it didn't matter to anyone.
It does matter - to us all
So I am writing to my senators and congressmen to ask them to crack down on gasoline waste -
And to request that remote car starters be made illegal here in New York State
Please feel free to join me

The Wall

We wrote this on the day of Germany's re-unification
While the world watched in fascination The Berlin Wall was taken down

While Ronald Regan gloated – and Russia stood by – waiting for recognition that never came
We all wanted to remember the wall - what it was – why it was
And we wanted to remember all those uncounted lives ended or disrupted by that long hard wall
A Wall of hate and mistrust

Ten years have past – As I read this & listen to the hastily concocted performance
I can't help think that the point was missed by most of the world

Russia still waits – for recognition that never comes
The Ghost of Regan still gloats… and that gloat lives on - in the smirk on Bush's face and in the knowing look in Karl Roves eyes.

And as memories fade the poppies now grow on the graves of those who learned what the wall was really all about

The Fear was supposed to end that day – in 1992
The Fear was supposed to end.

Reminiscing Down the Wall

These days will stand and
With this changing at a glance
Of it all…

Boundaries up in arms
Then comes the changing of the guard
Bring it on!

Comes time to change but then
Containment stays the same
Now were lost…

When cold goes to warm
And your name is chiseled in the ice
You fear the thaw.

Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…

Born to the Right
And then we fight the good fight
Take credit for the fall…

Under its own weight
Did crash on down the Iron Gate
No risk at all

Who commands the light?
We would- if we could stand for right
And not just stand tall!

When you reminisce
This point;
You really shouldn't miss
Change changes all

Change changes all

Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…
Feast your eyes on this…

Reminiscing down the wall…
Reminiscing down the wall…
(40 plus years to the fall)
Reminiscing down the wall…
(Who has now the angels?)
(Who hears the call?)
Reminiscing down the wall…

Feast your eyes on this…

Solomon's Ramada
Broadcast live from the WRPI studio 10/03/92


Moment of Clarity

Thursday am around 9:30

Numbing cold tide
Like death
Overtakes my mind

Thursday morning around 9:30
Falls away like fractal shards of frozen time

In that crystal moment
I feel the past
A ghost over my shoulder
It calls to me

And I look back
Across all time

Over the twisted strands that are me
My heritage, is information

The unbroken chain spans billions of years
And somewhere
In each of those uncounted moments
I was there

Each moment is me
I am my universe
Racing toward unknown destiny

Thursday morning around 9:30
Goes on around me like some bizarre, grotesque dance

And all of the purposes
Which govern our daily lives
They seem so unabashedly trivial
And petty

Suddenly, without warning
As the sum of all truth
And the meaning of all creation
Seem just within the grasp of my thought

A cloud of haze and sounds like
Cheap star-trek special effects
Pulls me back
With stern iron grip

The phone is ringing...
The clock is running...
The people come and go
So quickly

Thursday morning around 9:30
What am I doing here?

Can you please see that this goes out with today’s mail?
I’m going to go get another cup of coffee…….

OK The time has come to speak... all roads lead us home

Big Picture time:
Human rights = Environmental issues

It is as fundamental as this – in the simplest and most basic of terms.

The rights to eat, drink, breathe without being poisoned
The right to expect your grandchildren will be able to do the same
I say to you now – that there is no difference between hate crimes – and environmental crimes
Ignorance, arrogance and greed give spawn to them both
Respect for people includes respecting the places they live – i.e.: Mother Earth home to us ALL

To give birth to freedom, democracy, etc while allowing arsenic and lead to slowly kill your people
To celebrate liberty while the icecaps melt and drown our coastlines and the ozone layer fades away
To pretend to give democracy to oppressed countries while mass consuming their resources and spewing them back in the form of industrial waste, and worthless consumer goods…

Heed well this message I come to deliver to you this day:
One thousand years from now - global history will show any who might survive what the biggest crimes against humanity really were

We are rapidly approaching a time where ideals like liberty and freedom from oppression will no longer matter
For the death of mother earth will swallow us all - free and oppressed alike
The rights of the people and the rights of the planet are so intimately connected as to bear no difference whatsoever
Would you discipline your children for fighting and teach them to respect each other – WHILE THE HOUSE WAS BURNING DOWN???

We all breathe the same air; drink the same water share the same earth
Every church, temple, synagogue, mosque, circle of gathering on this planet, every agnostic free thinker and every atheist should recognize this by now
We all need to respect and defend one another from the darkest side of human nature
Our sacred home – this fragile ball of earth, fire, air and water, demands the same respect – the same defense – the same priority
There is no more important calling than this – NONE –

Any man or woman who rises to this calling is deserving of our greatest praise, our undying gratitude, and our undeterred support / commitment

"We will leave this world an empty stone
Or this shining ball of blue

We can call our home…

Ashes ashes; all fall down
Ashes ashes; all fall down"

Grateful Dead - Throwing Stones

Never give up
Even when it seems hopeless
Especially when it seems hopeless